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Peregrine Kidswear

'I discovered the need for beautiful, gender-neutral kids' clothes while running my other business, a toy and clothing boutique for babies and little ones called Teeny Bee.

I go to the (wholesale) market about four times a year, and every single season I’m hoping for something that works for boys and girls both. Every season there’s, like, one thing, and then it sells out, and the next season, it’s like, ‘Noooo, it’s not here again!’ I was perpetually searching for the gender neutral—and sort of gender ambivalent where both boys and girls will like it.

I figured if I'm always looking for it, other stores probably are too. Necessity is the mother of invention, so I decided I was going to make my own collection of kids pajamas, teaming up with my close friend Austin, who has experience in manufacturing with his own entrepreneurial ventures. He handles many of the operations and helps bring my vision to life. 

I hand draw all of our designs, and at least in the beginning, what I found was my love for black and white. It makes for a cohesive, modern collection, and black has a practicality I love.

Thanks to our bamboo fabric, Peregrine Kidswear is in season no matter when you get it. As I researched the fabric more during the ideation phase of Peregrine, I learned about how it uses few resources than cotton and that it's thermal regulating—a win-win for both our customers and a blossoming business!'

“The real truth is people have more in common than what sets them apart, so the idea that the choices are pink ruffles or blue trucks always seemed kind of foreign to me. I wanted to be in the middle area where most people live, adults and children both. If you could tap into that, it could speak to a lot of people.”